Odinist wrapping paper for the Yuletide, Swastika Activism, and the Northwest Front fails the White Race

As an Odinist pythia (priestess),  I encounter a great many difficulties with Jews and Judeo-Christians, even some who profess to be pro-white, thinking it is acceptable to exclude, ban, and even outlaw our ancient European religious symbols. In fact, there is so much abuse  of our native European symbols and religion that I thought it necessary to make this website. A great deal of misinformation is being presented as well, and it is time someone countered it.

It amazes me that Christians think they are being persecuted. I often find myself up at 4 or 6 in the morning so that I can call to complain to a company on the mainland about abuse of our sacred symbols such as the swastika, and about them banning swastikas because they are European. I have to take legal action to get our European events in the local paper since ancestral European religion, and even European identity, in fact our very existence as a tribe with our own religion, is considered “racist”. For example,  please see this article.

Cookie Censorship! Jewish Chabad Lubavitch events published while Nordic Odinia International events are suppressed…

This anti-European  hatred may be presented as “anti-racist”, but nothing could be further from the truth. What is actually going on is extreme enmity  and envy, and a desire to destroy and exterminate anything and anyone European, even our most beloved ancient tribal symbols.

Ancient European Vase with Swastika

Ancient European Vase with Swastika

In our current cultural Marxist climate, it is considered acceptable for a Jew to post a Jewish star on social media, or for a Christian minister to post a Judeo-Christian cross, but I, an Odinist priestess, have been ripped off facebook, illegally, for even stating I wished to wear jewelry with my own religious and ethnic symbols on it, and similar, more than once too. For example, I was taken off of facebook for 30 days recently, in clear violation of both accommodation discrimination  law, and of federal law, for posting this Odinist meditation article with a historic picture of a swastika, one that I specifically stated was in honor of Thor.

The Holy Swastika… the Admiral Graf Spee Rises from the Depths into the Sunlight…

Can you imagine how much of  an uproar our Jewish supremacist establilshment would demonstrate if a Jewish rabbi were taken off social media for posting a Star of David, which really is a hate symbol (please see here), or a Christian priest were banned from Facebook for 30 days for posting a cross in honor of Jesus? A Muslim might not like Christian symbols such as the cross because Christians killed Arabs in the Crusades, but one cannot legally ban all crosses from products because of this, and since Odinism is an ethnic rather than a universalist religion such as Islam or Christianity, banning our religious symbols is not only religious discrimination but racial discrimination against those of European ancestry as well.

Jewish supremacist demands to corrupt and destroy our religion and our people. They will never stop until we do something about it or we are extinct, which is what they intend.

Jewish supremacist demands to corrupt and destroy our religion and our people. They will never stop until we do something about it or we are extinct, which is what they intend.

You would think that at least our pro-white people would be on our side, but apparently this is not the case where some Christians are concerned, because for them, their foreign Jewish God comes first, far before the survival of our people or even the truth. If you disagree with them about the preeminence of a foreign Jewish “god”, in their view, that is an “attack” on them, because like Jews, Christians are always being “persecuted” even when they are not. Items with European symbols really are being removed from sale  on the orders of Jewish organizations that are organized specifically to promote and ensure hatred of Europeans but which call themselves “anti-racist”.

Recently, I made a clip about swastika activism, for a Mr. Harold Covington of the Northwest Front for his radio show. I selected this topic because I assumed it was one which any pro-European person could rally around, regardless of religion,  something that we all have in common since these are, after all, our ethnic European symbols, whatever religion we follow. In the clip, I  mentioned specific reasons why  what is being done in regard to our symbols is illegal in order to help our people to fight the standardized abuse of our sacred European symbols. I  talked about the recent Sears incident in which a silver swastika ring was removed from sale and our ancient European symbol was publically reviled by Sears and by Jews. I talked about how Odinists have been fighting this insult of our religion and our most meaningful symbols. I thought it would interest people.

Ancient European swastika symbols have been found all over the world..

Ancient European swastika symbols have been found all over the world..

I did indeed mention the difference between “universalism” and “tribalism” in regard to religion as well, because I feel it is important to the continued existence of our folk and because the subject of “not attacking Christians” had been brought up by Harold. I wished to explain, and I did explain in one sentence, that my not agreeing with someone is not the same as attacking them. One might after all, expect an Odinist not to worship a Jewish god, but this is not, in fact, an attack on anyone. My stating this  was hardly a valid reason for not airing my clip, not for a pro-European organization that professes to be “impartial” certainly.

Mr. Covington’s response upon receiving my clip was not to honestly tell me he had any difficulty with it to my face. Instead, I was told that he mentioned me on his broadcast,  and on going to look I found this was so. His response was to falsely portray me as some sort of hysterical female beset by “anonymous” trolls rather than as an Oxford educated pro-European scholar. Trolls were not even the subject of my talk, but it is ridiculous in any case for Mr. Covngton to present me as a lady plagued by what he called “anonymous” trolls. For example, I hardy think that a troll who uses his name, which is Michael Delaney of Christian Identity, and who posts a 16 minute video of himself calling an Odinist religious leader he has never met a “stupid f@cking whore” repeatedly is “anonymous”. Nor was the person who posted C.I. slander against me on Mr. Covington’s own website  “anonymous”. This  person, who posted a foul link about me, said he was closing the thread and then did. That person, who clearly had website privileges, was called “Harold”.

I have had some computer challenges this Yule that still are not resolved, and I have much work to do, so there will be more on this later, including an airing of the censored clip when I have a chance so that you can decide for yourself, something Mr. Covington should have done rather than playing Big Brother. He has had every opportunity to behave like a white man, instead of a censoring Communist collaborator who is afraid of Jew worshippers and Jews, but he has not aired the clip, because if he did, it would be obvious that he misrepresented it, which would then bring up the question of why he would exclude Odinists and why he would passionately emote about how he was “not my ally” (-; on his show. Why would a supposedly non religious and pro-European organization not be the ally of a very pro-European Odinist leader?

Now this is festive!

Now this is festive!

I never had anything against the Northwest Front, or Mr. Covington,  who is an intelligent man, and I have included their posts and genuinely wished them well in their efforts, but sadly, they are not what they are presenting themselves to be. We understand that many people have been brainwashed into worshipping a Semitic god and many of us were Christian once ourselves, and we love our people, but we simply do not have the time or luxury for the kind of insanity and insincerely we are seeing in the pro-European movement. Anyone who puts worshipping a foreign god first and reviles and  excludes Europeans who are not Jew worshippers is not the friend of Nordic folk. At the present point in time, I have lost all respect for Mr. Covington as a man, and it is right and proper that I should do so. It is up to him  to redeem himself to the Odinist community if he is able to do so.

It  really is time for any responsible person who loves our folk to get serious and stop worshipping Jewish Communist gods, and for European “men” to stop abusing white women over the internet where it is safe like cowards rather than doing something  about our enemies, who are the Jews, not the opposite sex. If they are not ZOG, “men” such as Delaney, Finck (who calls young Nordic Odinist girls “Heathen whores”) and Mr. Covington, need to get out of the kitchen and start sharpening their axes instead. To anyone who has not considered this yet, please think about it.

Please see also “What is Honor?”

Meanwhile, to cheer us up for the Yule season here is some utterly wonderful swastika wrapping paper from Hallmark. There are demands that it be banned on the orders of crazed Jewish social terrorists, but at least this is  holiday -orientated hatred of Europeans which makes it a little more festive. I intend to purchase this wrapping paper if at all possible and I have asked for a statement from Hallmark, informed them that banning it is illegal, and encouraged them not to engage in an illegal act of anti-European bias. I have also requested information about how to purchase this Odinist wrapping paper, which I shall add when they get back to me.

Beautiful Swastika wrapping paper...

Beautiful Swastika wrapping paper…

I’ve not had any time for presents this  year. If you want to make me happy, the best present you could give me  would be to take just five minutes call Hallmark, or Sears, or ever so many other companies bowing down to Jewish tyranny, and tell them that what they are doing is illegal anti-European bias, because it is, and that you do not approve of the enforced banning of ethnic European symbols. If we do not fight, WE WILL NOT WIN.

Link to Corporate Contact for Hallmark

Telephone number for Media contact Phil Karuso of Walgreens which eliminated the Hallmark European religious wrapping paper from its stores (847) 315-2962

What the typically terroristic 97 percent Jewish owned media has to say…

“Someone at Hallmark Is Getting Fired Over This Hanukkah Gift Wrap with Swastikas All Over It”

Movie from Article just above.

Wassail and happy Yuletide!


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