Marvelous ancient European Sun and Swastika design

Marvelous ancient European Sun and Swastika design.

This website is meant to provide more accurate information about the swastika than is generally given. Although clearly I am an advocate for Europeans seeing things from our own point of view and I love my own European people  and culture, the fact is that the information you will see here is historically correct in so far as I can make it, and the truth is that hatred of the swastika and European tribes and culture has been promoted by Jewish lies about history.

I did study archaeology and iconography at the University of Oxford and I have spent years visiting ancient sites and museums and am therefore fairly knowledgeable about the subject of ancient art.  One central fact is fairly key here, no, European ancestry civilizations and folk did not “steal” the swastikas from Asians as is so often said at the moment. It is a very ancient  Nordic symbol, and the fact is that the indigenous people of both China and Japan were Nordic, not  Asian. It may not be politically correct, but the blue eyed, red and blonde haired Tocharians were in China a thousand years before the so called indigenous Chinese. So much for  China developing in “splendid isolation”. North Americas’ earliest residents were also Caucasian, not Asian, hence the fact  that all the earliest finds, such as the Windover Bog People, are Caucasian.

Many European ancestry people are actually trying to apologize for our sacred symbol the swastika, in part,  due to them not being aware of the facts about WWII, but only of  the 97 percent Jewish owned medias’ relentlessly promoted version, which could not be more false. If you would actually like to know the truth, which authors are being arrested for writing in books now in 17 countries, please see this article on our main page.

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If, after reading this, you still want to apologize for European symbols, you may wish to read this article.

Quotes from the Holy Talmud

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